Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Men Should Father Before Sperm Mutations Accumulate The 20s-early 30s Are Best Time to Father Babies

High Schools, Colleges, etc. should not let this article be lost; it is excellent. Doctors should learn this information

This information is not really so new but Mark Teich writes a landmark article on the subject:

A Man's Shelf Life

As men age, their fertility decreases and the health risks to their unborn offspring skyrocket.

By:Mark Teich

"Nonetheless, a virtual tidal wave of recent research has made it irrefutable: Not only does male fertility decrease decade by decade, especially after age 35, but aging sperm can be a significant and sometimes the only cause of severe health and developmental problems in offspring, including autism, schizophrenia, and cancer. The older the father, the higher the risk. But what's truly noteworthy is not that infertility increases with age—to some degree, we've known that all along—but rather that older men who can still conceive may have such damaged sperm that they put their offspring at risk for many types of disorders and disabilities.
"Men thought they were getting off scot free, and they weren't. The birth defects caused by male aging are significant conditions that can cause a burden to families and society," says Ethylin Wang Jabs, professor of pediatric genetics at Johns Hopkins University and leader of a recent study showing the link between aging paternity and certain facial deformities in offspring. "We now know that men and women alike could be increasing the risk of infertility or birth defects by waiting too long to have children." In other words, by looking for perfection in your life before you conceive, there's a very real chance you'll have less perfect kids."



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